What People Are Saying:

“As a journalist, I've worked with Melanie for more than eight years and she is one of the most competent, professional and toughest communications people I have ever dealt with. There's few people better at their craft than Melanie.”

—Cliff Banks
Editor and Publisher, The Banks Report


“Melanie Webber, Crystal Hartwell, and the rest of the crew at mWEBB Communications, you are the very best, full stop, head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest media relations team around. I thank you for all your tireless efforts to bring this guidebook to life, but I thank you more for the incredibly graceful way you followed me down the rabbit hole when I said we were going to write the definitive guidebook on mobile apps and we were going to get it done in less than 30 days. You guys rock!”

—Mike Martinez
Author, The Pocket Revolution: The Complete Guide to a Killer Mobile App
CMO, DMEautomotive

“mWEBB demonstrated an uncanny ability to communicate with all our constituents. They designed corporate communications to our business partners in the automotive industry, communications to our investor base, and communications to the consumer market. In all aspects, the team at mWEBB Communications did an incredible job, cutting through the clutter and designing and executing strategies that made an impact on the business. They have great business acumen, understand how to deal with a multitude of complex situations, and are an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend mWEBB Communications HIGHLY. They are wonderful and talented.”

—Jeffrey Schwartz
President and CEO, SureSale

There is no better agency out there for intelligent, strategic and creative communications delivered cost-effectively and with results. mWEBB Communications delivered everything promised and much much more. Innovative, responsive, timely, and smart, mWEBB Communications pays attention to the critical details that separate good from excellent — and, most importantly, is as dedicated to the success of our business as we are.  

—Michael Rosenberg
Chief Operating Officer, Future Ads

Melanie and her team were the most effective and dedicated PR firm I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many). The results speak for themselves. She was completely involved on a daily basis and contributed immensely to the success of our sold-out event, not to mention bringing national attention to our start-up brand. Her understanding of our goals and her detailed plan to achieve them made her a perfect team member and went far beyond what I have ever seen from other PR companies. We couldn't have done it without her!  

—Douglas Minnick
Co-Founder, The Garagiste Festivals

mWEBB Communications has been critical to the successful launch of SureSale, from initial pilot positioning to national roll-out – generating measurable media and customer interest that’s ensued actionable and revenue generating results.  

—Christopher Dolinar
CMO, Mota Motors

Tools of The Trade


The media loves data and mWEBB Communications is more than happy to comply! We specialize in generating surveys, trend reports, white papers and case studies to support client stories and generate media coverage. 

Here is a sample:

Rising Dealership Real Estate Prices and Private Sector Spending Offset Slight Decline in Blue Sky Values, according to The Blue Sky Report® released by Kerrigan Advisors

F&I Still a Drag on Improving Transaction Times, Survey Shows

A 60 Second Process Change Decreases Transaction Time By Over 60 Minutes

DSU's Principles of Awesomeness in Walla Walla Valley Honda's Training Program Build Unity and Team Morale

DSU’s Principles of Awesomeness have built a dealership experience that’s turned a bankrupt dealership into a national Honda benchmark for sales and customer satisfaction

Walla Walla Valley Honda Focuses on the Customer Experience

Is Longer Vehicle Life Span Changing How People Buy Cars? New AutoMD.com Survey Says Yes ...

The Patrick Dealer Group Significantly Boosts Sales with CallSource Management Platform

ID Drive Benny Boyd Auto Group Reports: New ID Authentication TechnologyOffers Wide-Ranging and Unexpected Benefits

3+ Hour Vehicle Transaction Times Still the Norm, But Vendor Cooperation Could Help

Plant-powered Beverages: Not Just a Vegan Thing… New Survey Shows Alt Dairy Beverages Entering Mainstream

36% More Consumers Driving Vehicles With Over 100K Miles Than 5 Years Ago / Cost-Savings Big Factor

Survey says: Acceptance of alt-fuel cars on the rise

The Features and Info Used-Car Buyers Want Most

Automotive Sales Could Grow 24% if Retail Experience Improved 

Case Study: Toyota, Lexus and Scion Dealers Put “Brain” Behind Their Websites Resulting in Huge Increase in Website Traffic Conversion

Consumers Continue to Embrace DIY Auto Repair, Attempting More Difficult Jobs and Report Saving Big Bucks

New Research: The Top Things Drivers Do to ‘Fight the Drowse’

New Study: Three in Four Used Car Shoppers are Lead Loyal; Lead Switching Patterns Offer Cross-Selling Insights

New Study: Women Would Rather Go to the Dentist than the Auto Repair/Service Center; Only 16% of Consumers Have Positive View of Repair Experience

New Research: Small Ad Formats with Targeted Offers Drive More than 4 in 5 Website Leads for Dealers Studied.

New Study: Online Auto Parts Purchasers Are Far From Experts; Men Claim To Know More, but 35% of Women Say They Are Knowledgeable or Expert

Baby, Want to Name My Car? Younger and Female Car Owners Most Likely to Name Their Vehicles; Nicknames Starting with 'B' Most Popular

'Top Ten Most Refinanced Vehicles' List Reveals Practical Ownership Choices by Below Prime Consumers

Women Quoted Higher Prices on Auto Repairs but More Successful in Negotiating Discounts

Do It Yourself (DIY) Auto Repair Driven by Recession, Becomes a Habit in the Recovery, according to AutoMD.com's "2013 DIY Report"

New Research on QR Codes and Mobile Apps: What Consumers Want

59% of Under-35 Auto Service Customers Want Communications Via Mobile Apps

New Survey Reveals High Awareness of Auto Refinancing, but Few Taking Advantage of Benefits  

Casual Connect Magazine - New Survey: Who is the Online Casual Tournament Gamer?

ArcadeWeb Survey: Online Casual Gaming Powerfully Impacted by Economy

Young, Wired Auto Service Consumers Intensely Price and Convenience Driven - and Most Receptive to Dealer Loyalty Programs - According to New Study

Marketing Success in a Changing Service Landscape

New Study Reveals Dealership Service Profits Threatened by Aging Customer Base

AOA Auto Accessories 2012 Trend Report

Economy/Aging Vehicles Continue to Drive More DIY Auto Repairs, According to AutoMD.com's "2012 DIY Report"

Study: Minneapolis Drivers Possibly Overpaying For Car Repairs

Case Study: Dry Ridge Toyota Takes Up - and Blows Away - Toyota

AOA Accessories Midyear Trend Report - Q2 2011

The Affiliate Brand Abuse Explosion in the SEM Channel

On the Keyword Trail: Helping eTailers Top Projections and Exceed Expectations

Expert Bylines and Blogs

In a resource-challenged media world, editors look for ready-to-run bylines, columns and blogs on relevant topics. mWEBB Communications creates a voice for its client experts, and makes that voice heard!

Here is a sample:

Car Biz Today Magazine - Solving the Transaction Time Challenge 

Dealer Marketing Magazine - Trade-In Leads: A Great Conversion Opportunity - If You Do It Right

Asia Pacific Food Industry Magazine - The Rise of Plant-Based Beverages

Dealer Marketing Magazine - 3+ Hour Transaction Times Are Still the Norm: Are Vendors Part of the Problem?

Erin Kerrigan Expert Source Sheet

DealerExec Magazine - Do You Value Your Online Real Estate? You Should 

Dealer Magazine - Accelerate Your Sales Process with True Online Prequalification (Page 36)

Auto Dealer Monthly - Prequalify Your Customers Online

CBT News Magazine - F&I and Sales On the Same Online Platform: An Idea Whose Time Has Definitely Come

The dealership sales and finance process has been built by dealers for dealers. Part 2

Mindful Nourishment. What it Means to Califia Farms

Capture Information from Car Buyers Earlier in the Process

Auto Dealer Monthly - How to Prosper With Flat Fees 

DrivingSales Innovation Guide (Q3 2014) - A Wake-Up Call on ID Fraud Leads to More Sales

Digital Dealer Magazine - Making the Invisible Customer Visible

A Post Dealer Reserve World: What Would the Sales Process Really Look Like?

Lessons from SEMA as Dealers Head Into NADA: Aftermarket is Hot – Take Advantage!

Dealership Websites Should Stop “Chatting” and Start Communicating

It’s Mobile-Mania—but Dealers Still Lag with Mobile-Friendly Credit Apps

The Pocket Revolution The Complete Guide to a Killer Mobile App

Dealer Marketing Magazine - Enter CPO, Bringing New Profits to All!

Christian Science Monitor - Car care and maintenance: six tips for teens

Travel Paso - Women of Garagiste

Travel Paso - The Garagiste Festival: Who is the Garagiste? 

Dealer Marketing Magazine - Is Certified the New Organic?

Christian Science Monitor - Top 10 Most Expensive Mistakes in Auto Repair

Dealer Marketing Magazine - The Science of Analytics and the Art of Marketing

AutoSuccess - The Other 30+ Million

Dealer Marketing Magazine - As Consumers Hold Onto their Vehicles Longer, Protection Products Gain Momentum

Dealer Marketing Magazine - As Is Is No More: It’s Gone the Way of the Edsel 

Dealer Marketing Magazine - Your Dealership…Yup, There's an App for That!

Automotive Digest: Smart Thinking - Customer Loyalty is More Critical than Ever for Dealerships

Christian Science Monitor - Ready for winter? Six tips to winterize your car.

Bridging the Multi-Billion Dollar Certification Gap

Christian Science Monitor - Tire prices rising. Top 5 tips to make your tires last.

Press Releases

Press releases are the core of the messaging for any public relations campaign, but today, press releases are their own media channel and a critical tool in client SEO efforts.

mWEBB Communications fully optimizes each press release to tell your story in a way the media and your audience will find compelling, and to raise your profile—and indexing—online.

Here is a sample:

First-Ever Interactive Digital License Plate Debuts at Detroit Auto Show's Automobili-D

Califia Farms Named ‘Supplier of the Year’ by Whole Foods Market for 2016 

Decluttering Dealership Websites Increases Profit, Data Collection and Click-throughs, According to PERQ Consumer Behavior Data

Buy/Sell Auto Dealership Activity Declined in 2016, but Record Activity Predicted for 2017 According to The Blue Sky Report® Released by Kerrigan Advisors

Content.ad Reports Dramatic Increase in Advertisers, Publishers, and Revenue

SpringboardAuto.com Brings Fast Auto Loan Decisions, Smooth Transactions and Consumer Control to California’s Used Car Buyers and Sellers

Garagiste Wine Festival: “Northern Exposure” Premieres in Oakland on Thursday, May 19, in Conjunction with Craft Beverage Expo

Califia Farms Powers Plant-based and Cold Brew Coffee Revolution with Triple Digit Growth

eLEND Solutions Launches First Instant Prequalification Solution

New Dealership Survey: 80% Believe CFPB Regulations Will Be Implemented; Yet 60% Don’t Have Plans in Place to Meet Regulations

Automotive Sales Could Grow 24% if Retail Experience Improved 

Califia Farms’ ‘Premiumization Revolution’ Drives Dramatic Sales and Revenue Growth

Army Veteran Surprised with Everything He Needs to Fix His Beloved Truck

10 DIY Tips to Add Years to a Vehicle's Life & Minimize Expensive Repairs 

DMEautomotive Unveils Driver Connect 2.5: New, “Moment-It-Happens” App Offers Mobile Wallet Support

CarFinance.com Busts 5 Top Myths for Below-Prime Auto Loan Consumers

Auto Parts Go Mobile: App Puts Cost-savings, Convenience and Two Million Auto Parts at Consumer Fingertips

Returning Serviceman Surprised with Fixed-Up SUV: AutoPartsWarehouse.com Helps Bring ’87 Blazer Back to Life

Auto Parts for Christmas? An Easy, Economical and Thoughtful Gift for a Booming Population of DIYers...and for Those Who Don't!

2012 Garagiste Festival Hosts over 1,000 Attendees, Raises $10,000 for Cal Poly 

SureSale Launches Mobile Certification and Online Marketing Platforms

Auto Car Care Tips to Keep Teens Driving Safe and Sound

Women Winemakers/Owners Make Strong Showing at 2012 Garagiste Festival 

Chef Ludo Lefebvre at 2012 Garagiste Festival 

Maintenance Plans Keep Consumers Servicing at Dealership After Expiration

 Summer Car-Buying Advice: Tips for Calculating "On-Budget" Loan Payments

YellowHammer Media Group Honored As "Management Team Of The Year" In 2012 American Business Awards 

Vehicles Turn 60% Faster Through Groundbreaking Certification Program

Muir’s Riders Join Muir’s Marchers on Quest to Restore Hetch Hetchy

Ten Really Expensive Auto Repair Mistakes to Avoid

 Auto Finance's Best Kept Secret? Refinancing: Top Seven Questions to Ask 

ArcadeWeb First Anniversary: Free, Compete-for-Cash Gaming Model Shows Great Traction and 'Stickiness'

Social Media and Mobile Help Car Owners Save Time and Money at AutoMD.com

DMEautomotive Helps Car Dealers Join the Mobile App Revolution with Driver Connect

CarFinance.com Takes the Headache Out of Auto Refinancing: Helps Credit Challenged Consumers Reduce Monthly Payments

Muir’s March to Restore Hetch Hetchy Grows

Certification programs spread to older vehicles

U.S. News Announces 2012 Best Cars for Families Awards

Paso Garagiste Donates $10,000 to Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Program

U.S. News Announces 2012 Best Cars for the Money Awards

AutoMD.com Offers Common Sense Advice for Diagnosing Car Problems

Minneapolis Car Owners Experiencing 57% Average Variance on Auto Repairs for Same Service – Just Under National Average

Are You a Garagiste?

Social Media

mWEBB Communications manages multiple Facebook and Twitter campaigns for clients. 

See examples below:


If you guys are ever in the La Salle area on May 3rd, please drop by our 10th Annual JC Whitney Car Show! It's going to...

Posted by JC Whitney on Tuesday, 21 April 2015