What Customers Are Saying:

"mWEBB came in for a 1/2  day session to help our executives get on message for an upcoming media tour and trade show. The team worked with us to focus on the three key messages we wanted to communicate in every interview and discussion. They then created a "messaging cheat sheet" that helped us all stay on track. The media training really helped make our media tour and trade show a success!"

Carey Fried, CallSource

"I cannot say enough about the incredible quality of partnership that mWEBB Communications brings to their clients. During the course of my tenure as their client, mWEBB's professionalism and sharp strategic planning helped natural foods brand Califia Farms become a thought leader in the industry, earning high-profile coverage in outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, and Food Navigator. From drafting complex messaging to arranging executive interviews, the mWEBB PR Team is best-in-class."

Kaitlin Barton, Senior Marketing Director, Califia Farms

“mWEBB hit the ground running for Reviver – ramping up to hit key dates in a matter of weeks and working a the fast pace demanded by a start up. The team always gives 110% and the coverage we’ve received has made a huge impact on building awareness within our key markets.

Allan Cooper, Chief Strategy Officer, Reviver


"mWEBB’s  placement of eLEND Solutions in the media has allowed us to articulate our message to our core audience and has enabled us to gain traction from companies who hadn’t previously understood the full breadth of our product offering. The power of great PR should never be underestimated!"

—Pete MacInnis, CEO, eLEND Solutions

 “mWEBB Communications, you are the very best, full stop, head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest media relations team around. You guys rock!”  

—Mike Martinez
 Author, The Pocket Revolution: The Complete Guide to a Killer Mobile App
 CMO, DMEautomotive

“mWEBB demonstrated an uncanny ability to communicate with all our constituents. They designed corporate communications to our business partners in the automotive industry, communications to our investor base, and communications to the consumer market. In all aspects, the team at mWEBB Communications did an incredible job, cutting through the clutter and designing and executing strategies that made an impact on the business. They have great business acumen, understand how to deal with a multitude of complex situations, and are an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend mWEBB Communications HIGHLY. They are wonderful and talented´╗┐.”  

 —Jeffrey Schwartz, President and CEO, Mota Motors


There is no better agency out there for intelligent, strategic and creative communications delivered cost-effectively and with results. mWEBB Communications delivered everything promised and much much more. Innovative, responsive, timely, and smart, mWEBB Communications pays attention to the critical details that separate good from excellent — and, most importantly, is as dedicated to the success of our business as we are.  

—Michael Rosenberg, Chief Operating Officer, Future Ads


Melanie and her team were the most effective and dedicated PR firm I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many). The results speak for themselves. They were completely involved on a daily basis and contributed immensely to the success of our sold-out event, not to mention bringing national attention to our start-up brand. Their understanding of our goals and detailed plan to achieve them made mWEBB a perfect team member and went far beyond what I have ever seen from other PR companies. We couldn't have done it without them!  

—Douglas Minnick, Co-Founder, Paso Garagiste 

Media Training Services

mWEBB is pleased to offer messaging and media training as a stand alone service.

Media Training..

..Puts you in control of the news media!

  • The media can only print/broadcast/blog what you say.
  • The media is simply a disseminator of information.
  • Every interview has one overriding purpose: to sell your company, product and/or service.

Use the media as your marketing channel!

..Turns your executives into sought-after media experts!

  • Identifies your key spokespeople for positioning as experts in the media.
  • Helps each spokesperson develop his/her style.
  • Embeds messaging discipline for all interviews.

Make the media want to come to you!

..Prepares you for every interview!

  • Helps you find, refine and communicate your message.
  • Generates consistent key messaging for each executive.
  • Provides a template for interview briefs on media outlets and reporter background.

The question doesn’t matter because you know what your message is!