"mWEBB came in for a 1/2  day session to help our executives get on message for an upcoming media tour and trade show. The team worked with us to focus on the three key messages we wanted to communicate in every interview and discussion. They then created a "messaging cheat sheet" that helped us all stay on track. The media training really helped make our media tour and trade show a success!"

Carey Fried, CallSource

Making You Media Ready

mWEBB is pleased to offer messaging and media training as a stand alone service.

mWEBB media training puts you in control...

  • The media can only print/broadcast/blog what you say.
  • The media is simply a disseminator of information.
  • Every interview has one overriding purpose: to sell your company, product and/or service


Use the media as your marketing channel!


turns your executives into sought-after media experts...

mWEBB media training
  • is an integral and critical part of all communications practices
  • identifies your key spokespeople for positioning as experts in the media
  • helps each spokesperson develop his/her style

Make the media want to come to you!

...and teaches you the mWEBB media training motto:
Be Prepared!

mWEBB media training
  • generates consistent key messaging and arms each interviewee with messaging briefs
  • clarifies the agenda for each interview and researches media outlet and reporter background
  • preps client for each media interview, panel or keynote, and brokers all interviews
  • has trained clients to tell their story to some of the toughest media outlets in the business

The question doesn't matter because you know what your message is!