How We Work for You

Getting to know you...

  • Your product, company and/or service
  • Your market
  • Your competitors
  • Your business 'SWOT'
  • Your goals and targets
  • Your 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and 5 year plan


We become an expert in you!


Letting the world know about you...

  • We work with you to find your Story!
  • We develop your story into information the media wants
  • We leverage the tools of the trade:
    • Press Releases
    • Bylines
    • Blogs
    • Twitter Pitches
    • Surveys
    • White Papers
  • We establish vertical media targets and strategies
  • Key Influencers, Analysts, Thought-o-sphere, Bloggers and “Halos”
  • We send it up and down the channels
    • Broadcast
    • Print
    • Internet
    • Social Media

...and then we watch your business grow!

Our promise to you:

  • One-on-one communication with all team members
  • Hands-on service and creative strategic brainstorming with all stakeholders
  • Low agency overhead = top notch PR Talent and strong client ROI
  • Weekly calls; bi-weekly in person meetings – an “in-touch” plan to suit the client
  • Daily media updates

Your team is our team of senior communications strategists. You will never be handed off to an intern, ever!