“mWEBB’s placement of eLEND Solutions in the media has allowed us to articulate our message to our core audience and has enabled us to gain traction from companies who hadn’t previously understood the full breadth of our product offering. The power of great PR should never be underestimated!

—Pete MacInnis, CEO, eLEND Solutions

Sample Media Placement 





We love automotive PR - B2B, B2C - it’s part of our DNA

eLEND Solutions, an automotive technology company specializing in online and in-store credit and finance solutions designed to create a more efficient, faster in-dealership transaction time, has been an mWEBB client since 2014.

mWEBB was tasked with generating awareness around the role that the F&I department often plays in consumer dissatisfaction with today’s lengthy, in-dealership car-buying process – and, ultimately, to raise awareness about eLEND’s products.

While eLEND was developing its pioneering solution, mWEBB launched a thought leadership campaign that built awareness of the issue and softened the ground for the product launch. The result was a stream of executive bylines and interviews that were published, all highlighting the ways in which auto financing needs to change to address the needs of today’s educated and empowered car shopper.

Through this, it was imperative not to alienate dealers, the ultimate customer of eLEND products, by painting them as the “problem” rather than the “solution.”

In order to do this, we took the pulse of the industry via regular industry surveys that determined what dealers themselves think of the F&I process, building awareness that the industry itself wanted the 3-4 hour car-buying process to change just as desperately as consumers wanted a change.

mWEBB generated surveys were able to highlight dealer dissatisfaction with the current car-buying process and gain consensus on areas of improvements. The subtext of these survey results? A supported argument, and need, for the eLEND’s solution, i.e. a connected car buying process that reduces time consumers spend in the store while also streamlining process for the dealership.

mWEBB’s efforts continue to generate a drumbeat of coverage in the automotive press by underscoring dealer dissatisfaction with sales/finance process, emphasizing the need for vendor cooperation to create a “connected” buying process to eliminate the bottlenecks in F&I, and, ultimately, eLEND has been positioned as the solution to this problem.

The carefully calibrated campaign has resulted in opening up – and driving - conversation around how dealer processes need to change to better serve customers and create in-dealership efficiencies to generate more efficient sales, higher CSI and greater profits. mWEBB has built awareness for the eLEND among high-level dealer executives, website providers, DMS vendors, etc. Doors have been opened at the Client’s targets and the brand is known as one of the leaders in revolutionizing the financing side of car buying.